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Starting from a scientific world view - we ask the question, what else is true
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Time Workshop

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with Fefonz Quan, Lia Rikugan and Pema Pera.

Time is among the most basic experiences we have, yet our subjective perception of it differs from any objective description.

In this Workshop, we explore the nature of time, using contemplation and exploration, as well as reading and discussing different views of time. We focus on the subjective and phenomenological experience of time rather than the physical scientific approach.

Our first reading was based upon Dogen, a Japanese Zen Master from the 13th century, and his perspective of time. We are now studying Time, Space and Knowledge by Tarthang Tulku.

During the workshop we also use personal experiments and exploration, that are performed, reported, as the basis for our discussions during the weekly meetings.

The Venue is the Kira Conference Room and the time is Mondays at 2pm SLT.

For more see the Time Workshop wiki 

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