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Art History workshop: Adams Dubrovna and Papagena Pevensey

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Takes place in the Kira Cafe or the Museum of Sacred Art on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 12noon SLT.

The Art History Workshop will explore the presentation of art in the virtual world as well as the history of art in the real world. What is to be learned from the many constructions and reconstructions in Second Life?  Is the virtual world a new media? Is a new form of art emerging, a performance art in which the viewer is the performer?

The workshop may include planned, and impromptu, field trips to illustrate our discussions. If you arrive late, and we are gone, please look for the kiosk which will redirect you to wherever the group has gone. You also may IM Adams Dubrovna to find out where the group might have gone.

Adams Dubrovna, as the RL avatar, Donald Beetham, has been an image librarian at Rutgers University for more than 30 years, managing a collection of almost a half million images in various media. Before that he studied architectural history at the University of Pennsylvania, developing an
interest in the progression of architectural styles in Anatolia from Byzantine to Seljuk to Ottoman.

Papagena Pevensey, as the RL avatar Sarah Beetham, is a graduate student in Art History at the University of Delaware focusing on issues of memory and ritual in American and Roman monuments. Her Ph.D. dissertation will explore the phenomenon of the rise of monuments to the citizen soldier in the years after the American Civil War.

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