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Kira Institute Website

The Kira Institute Website was originally designed and developed in October 2008 by Josh Bergman, to whom our grateful thanks is due.

From then until March 2009, Kira Board and Team member Saki Bailey added much to site content and was responsible for day-to-day maintenance. Her tireless creative effort has been much appreciated.

As from April 2009, these tasks have now been taken over by Stormerne Hunt. Storm is also looking at the longer term future of the wesbite, from the points of view of content, organisation and presentation. Storm tests all new pages and updates using Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers. If you find anything untoward, please contact him at .

In January 2011, the website began migration to a new server, with the help of volunteers. After this move was successfully concluded, Storm began a major overall of website content in April 2011. As a result, you may find some pages temporarily unavailable. Once again, if you find anything you believe is problematical, please contact Storm at .

This is a living website. Please expect that things will change from time to time!

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