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Starting from a scientific world view - we ask the question, what else is true
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Kira Café: Workshops and Hosted Groups

Kira Café facilities

Workshop seating for:
  • Fireside: 5 people (cosy)
  • Lounge: 17 people (relaxed)
  • Bar: 27 people (informal)
  • Diner: 40 people (more formal)
The Diner has tables and chairs and is "text chat isolated" from the rest of the Café (so two meetings can go on at the same time).

There are two projector screens for PowerPoint style presentations, each equipped with a laser pointer. Presenters who use the projector screens can prepare and deliver their presentations using a HUD (Head Up Display) available from Storm Nordwind.

Virtual beverages available throughout.

The Kira Café has a single teleport landing point outside the north entrance.

Why a Café? | How we work | What we do

The Kira Café is the busy home for many groups exploring diverse subjects from the sciences, technology, arts and philosophy. It is located in Second Life as part of privately donated wooded land, just west of the 16 acre Play as Being sim/region and just north of the open space of a 64 acre Linden Lab Welcome Area:

Why a Café?

A Café, rather than a lecture room, presents a natural opportunity to attract people inside and outside academia; a place where serious amateurs and professionals can meet and engage in “peer teaching” and “peer research.”

The style of the meetings is much like Café Scientifique or Science Café where scientists give popular talks, but the main attraction is the interaction between scientists and lay people. However, while the “Science Cafe” meetings are restricted in space and time, meetings are typically held only once a month, Kira Café meetings can be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime.

How we work

Many workshops run programs of guided real life explorations in parallel to the Second Life meetings. Participants are invited to research their topic using their own life as a laboratory, keeping in touch between meetings using mailing lists and keeping records and knowledge bases on group wikis.

What we do: Activities and events

Our programming is incredibly diverse offering group discussions on philosophy and science to the future construction and use of scientific laboratories in virtual worlds for astrophysics. To discuss hosting your meeting or giving a presentation at the Kira Cafe, please email us at   .

Science and Technology

KISS: Kira Interdisciplinary Science Seminar KISS: Kira Interdisciplinary Science Seminar
Venue: Kira Café
Day: Every second Thursday
Time: 9am SLT

Philosophy and Reality

Philosophical Seminar Philosophical Seminar
Venue: Kira Japan land
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 10am SLT
Maxine's Dream Workshop Maxine's Dream Workshop
Venue: Kira Café
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 1pm SLT
Cafh: Daily life as spiritual practice Cafh: Daily life as spiritual practice
Venue: Kira Café (Lounge)
Day: Wednesdays (from May 11th 2011 for 6 weeks)
Ways of Knowing Workshop Ways of Knowing Workshop
Venue: Kira Café (Lounge)
Day: Thursdays
Time: 2pm SLT


Art History workshop Art History workshop
Venue: Kira Café (Diner)
Day: 3rd Sunday of each month
Time: 12noon SLT

Japanese events

Kira Japan Kira Japan
Venue: Kira Japan land
Day: Tuesdays/Wednesdays, depending on the week
Time: 10pm JST


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