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Play as Being Real Life Retreats
PaB RL Retreats

Play as Being practice is something designed for real life and every day. Every 15 minutes we are invited to spend just 9 seconds of our time doing it. And every 6 hours there are opportunities to discuss these explorations at meetings in Second Life.

Sometimes, it helps to get away from the bustle of everyday life, and focus primarily on the practice, doing it for longer, or more often, or with additional explorations, or in the company of other people. That is what Play as Being Real Life Retreats are for.

Our initial experience with these retreats has been overwhelmingly positive! So because Play as Being is a worldwide phenomenon and practised by people worldwide, we are trying to organize a selection of retreats throughout the world with at least one taking place every three months.

Play as Being RL retreats are generally about a week in length overall, allowing for traveling time of participants. Occasionally we will also have mini-retreats of shorter overall duration.

Future retreats Past retreats
None planned 2011-09 Seattle
2011-07 Nova Scotia
2011-04 Assisi, Italy
2011-01 New Orleans

2010-10 Stuttgart
2010-08 Nova Scotia
2010-04 California
2010-01 Malta

2009-11 Princeton
2009-08 Santa Cruz
Who are these for?
People with 3 months participation or more as a Play as Being Guardian in Second Life qualify to attend.



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