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Mise-en-scène: Gaya Ethaniel
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Dates: Every second Sunday each month
Time: 11:00am SLT
Venue: Kira Cafe Lounge

Starting with Coen Brothers' latest film 'A Serious Man' in December 2009, this workshop will discuss contemporary cinema once a month.

Together with its potential for mass entertainment, the medium also presents itself as an effective mean to communicate artistic, literary, social or philosophical values. We will look into aesthetics where applicable and perhaps touch on other relevant cinematic topics of interests, as well as exploring the narrative of a chosen film.

However, this will not be a film studies workshop. One of main aims of this workshop is to foster a group of people in SL who follow a wide range of contemporary cinema and are interested in sharing diverse views. We also hope to include documentaries and world cinema where appropriate.
Participants are encouraged to watch the chosen film before attending. It's very likely that discussions will become spoilers!
Gaya Ethaniel read BA Art and Archaeology (London) and has worked in arts and media/publishing.

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