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9 Seconds: A One Percent Time Tax
After playing a bit with a shift between what we consider ourselves to have and to be, and after imagining all that appears for us as just so many presentations of Being, whatever that may mean, we are ready to start our main investigation.

During each day, we take an hour or more during which we impose a one percent time tax on our activities. Roughly each quarter of an hour, we spend about nine seconds on this type of exploration (there are 900 seconds in 15 minutes, hence the 1% tax). During this time, take a full breath, relax, and focus on considering yourself as Being. In other words, play as Being. Immediately following that, write down a few words in your journal, whatever pops up in your mind. Keep it short, and write at most one short sentence.

It would be optimal if during the roughly 15 minutes in between each 9-second pause, you would keep the notion of play as Being in mind, tasting it, playing with it, considering it, holding it in mind in whatever way feels most natural. But no matter how much or how little you succeed in thinking about it, at least during those 9 second intervals do try to focus on playing as Being, and then jot down a quick one-liner, reflecting whatever comes up spontaneously.

At first it may take you more than 9 seconds, and just opening your journal, whether paper or electronic, and finding the place to write may already use up your time. Don’t worry, when you do this regularly you’ll find ways to streamline the process. It will become something of a second nature, before too long. Doing this regularly will let you think more about playing as Being also in between the 9-second breaks, and that in turn will make it easier to pick up the thread swiftly during the 9-second reporting window.

For more on 9 seconds  go to: Best of PaB and FAQ.

You Seeing and Being Seeing
1. Relax and become aware of your visual field.  Just watch your normal, ordinary way of looking at what you can see in front of you.  Nothing special.  There is a cone shaped space in front of you within which you can see objects.  Just become aware of you seeing whatever you see in your field of vision.

2. Now instead of you seeing objects, switch to letting Being "see.”  This is not a physical seeing based on the use of eyes.  Being doesn't have eyes the way we do.  Just let Being "see" you and everything, from outside you as well as from inside you, all your thoughts, feelings, memories, your body and mind, as well as the whole world around you.

You seeing Being seeing
You seeing Being seeing II

Enlightened Seeing and Being Seeing
Let us first establish the paradox of talking about the relative vs absolute all within the relative.  Any words we are using here are firmly embedded in the relative. So to even say "absolute" is to use a relative word "absolute" within a relative sentence in relative points of view, hoping that it somehow can point to something else, labeled absolute. The whole notion of enlightenment is totally false on the absolute level and yet can be very inspiring, relatively speaking.  On this relative level when we talk about “enlightenment,” we are trying to picture what that could be, and whatever picture we have, as long as it is a picture, it is in effect still “You seeing,” a person picturing what it would be like to see as an enlightened person.  In “Enlightened Seeing,” there is a person thinking there is no person. In ES there is a "be all you can be" and then there are many more subtle levels. You can do this for the rest of your life and discover more and more subtle ways of noticing how there is some egg shell of the self left sticking to what you thought was Being Seeing. 

Go to:  Enlightened you seeing versus Being seeing

Appreciate the Presence of Appearance as a Presentation by Being
Consider this sentence as a hypothesis to be tested in your life.
To start focus lightly on the sentence: Appreciate the presence of appearance as a presentation by Being.  What does it mean? The best way to explain it maybe to turn the sentence backwards.   It says that  1) there is Being 2) which presents 3) what does it present? 4) appearance, all that appears 5) what do we know about appearance directly, empirically? 6) only that it is present (presence) 7) so what is there to appreciate?  8) ultimately only the presence of appearance and we can consider the rest as an added theory, encrusted thoughts or qualia. 

Lets us consider an analogy:  When you watch a movie you can see enormous distance in a landscape, but it is all at the same place on the screen.  Being is every individual point and also the entire whole.  Now let us go back to the sentence “Appreciate the presence of appearance as a presentation by Being.”    Any appearance is “presented” by Being, not just "the Screen," but all the screens, all the projectors, all the viewers, all the movie makers.  It is everything -- without looking at it as things.  Being is the whole and it is completely there in every (seeming) part.  The unity of being and the multiplicity of appearances oscillate in experience and perhaps  can even be present simultaneously.

Go to:  Appreciate the Presence of Appearance as a Presentation by Being

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