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The Play as Being group is run by a group of volunteers known as Guardians. These regular attendees facilitate Play as Being meetings, contribute to the Play as Being Wiki and its meeting chat logs, and help build facilities and features within Second Life for the benefit of the group.  Please check the Guardian Timetable on our wiki for a list of Guardians and to find out which Guardian will be hosting each session.

If you are a regular Play as Being attendee and would like to learn more about becoming a Guardian, please send an instant message to someone wearing the name tag "Play as Being Guardian" or "PaB Host" to communicate your interest in joining this volunteer group. Four meetings are held every day of the week and we are growing by leaps and bounds, so there are many opportunities to contribute your efforts towards the goals of Play as Being.

Play as Being attendees who have participated as Guardians for 3 months or more also get the opportunity to attend real life Play as Being retreats. These are held approximately every 3 months in various parts of the world. For more details, see our retreats page.

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